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Media Training - who needs it?

Anyone who may give an interview to the media will benefit from being prepared. Courses are tailored for individuals or small groups and always include realistic practical sessions.

Our trainers all have extensive backgrounds in journalism or broadcasting. But industry experience is not enough.

At Whistlefield Associates we look for that special skill that means that instructors can teach and coach others.

All our courses are tailored to the needs of idividual clients. They will be practical, realistic and carefully structured.

Whistlefield Media Training

While every session is different there are common threads. Knowing how the media works is an important first step on the road to putting your message across in the best light. We will demystify the techniques of the media so that the technology is less threatening and will help you to develop techniques for clear thinking and communication so that when the red light comes on or the reporter's notebook is poised you can deliver your message clearly and with confidence.

Because all our Media Training is made to measure it generally requires at least 6 weeks notice to prepare a course. However, if you are facing an emergency, give us a call and we will see what can be done.
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